Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business

Vodafone ensures your employees have the tools they need to get the job done, both in and out of the office.

As a distinguished Vodafone Business Silver Partner, A1 Comms can supply your business with the full range of Vodafone’s communication solutions including best value tariffs, the latest devices, access to their ultrafast 4G network and fantastic special offers and deals.

Choose from pay monthly bundles offering a choice of UK minutes, texts and data, flexible SIM only plans to tablets and broadband plans. Business Premier plans also include a range of additional features like free calls home from Europe, free international calls from the UK and damage insurance.

Vodafone Solutions For Your Business

Mobile Phones

Business Mobiles

Choose from our great value business mobile phone deals or call us for more options!

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Sim Only

SIM Only Plans

Great value calls, texts and data for your existing mobile phones on an EE SIM Only plan.

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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Superfast 4G data speeds to get online & remotely access systems when out of office.

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What’s Great About Vodafone?

Virtual Landline

Virtual Landline

Get everything that’s great about a landline wherever you are. Have your existing numbers kept in place or opt for brand new ones. You’ll be able to answer your calls no matter where you are in the world without having the sometimes unprofessional appearance of a mobile number. Calls are forwarded to you, meaning you’ll never miss an important one again.

Mobile workforce

Mobile Workforce Management

Stay connected to your office network whilst out in the field with secure Workforce Management. Take advantage of the latest technology and get everything you need without having to run back. Watch as your day becomes easier and a lot more efficient. Everything from improved data capture and scheduling and dispatch can be streamlined, giving you total control.

Roaming tariffs

Incredibly Priced Roaming Tariffs

Starting at as little as £3 a month, Vodafone business plans offer everything you need when going abroad. Don’t worry about shockingly high bills for calls, texts and data. We have an array of solutions designed to make every aspect of your trip more convenient. Take your phones, tablets, dongles and Mobile Wi-Fi away with you without fear. Don’t forget, Vodafone EuroTraveller customers can use their UK minutes, texts and data anywhere within the designated Europe Zone.

Industry expertise

Industry Expertise

We’ve got a proven track record of providing the right tariffs and devices for all sectors. As a result, we understand and appreciate the need to get the perfect solutions. Our experience, expertise and services give you everything you need to effectively face each challenge. Cut your communications outgoings and stay in touch with the people that matter to your company with business phones tailored to your exact requirements.

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Get in touch with our team of business solution experts today to discuss your requirements and allow us to perform a FREE tariff analysis, plus a competitive quote, to save your business time and money.

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Vodafone plans

Vodafone Plans for Small Businesses

There are a variety of options available from Vodafone for small and medium sized businesses. As a Vodafone partner we are happy to talk you through the different options to find the deal that will benefit your business the most.

Depending on the individual needs of your business, you can choose from Business, Value, Business Extra, Business Premier or Business Black from Vodafone. All specifically tailored from smaller businesses, they offer varying different features including different data, insurance and travel communications options.

For businesses with 10-49 employees, Vodafone offers Business Plus. In this plan, all of your data bundles are pooled so that if can be shared and accessed by all employees.

As a Vodafone Partner, A1 Comms will guide you through the different options and organise the setup of whichever is the optimum solution for your business.

Solutions for larger companies

Solutions for Larger Companies from Vodafone

For larger companies, Vodafone offers a range of comprehensive business communication services. Its Unified Communications offerings are designed to improve the efficiency of your business communications.

For example, with One Net Anywhere, we organise for Vodafone to set you up a virtual landline. This means that customers have one number they can call and are guaranteed to speak to someone, as it can be picked up by various different people. This is great for ensuring you never miss a customer call and customers get an improved experience. With One Net Enterprise, larger businesses get a tailored solution that connects mobile, fixed line and computer based phones together in one system and includes audio and video calls and instant messaging.

Talk to us at A1 Comms about your business and its needs. We will carry out a free tariff analysis and recommend the best business communications solution for you. We will liaise with Vodafone and organise everything from the plan to implementation to ongoing support.

4G mobile data

4G Mobile Data from Vodafone

In 2017 Vodafone was crowned ‘Mobile Network of the Year’ by Trusted Reviews. It is always working to further increase its 4G coverage, for example having brought 4G to rural areas with its Grow the Grid programme and improving 4G availability in 11 cities by reallocating its 2100 spectrum from 3G to 4G at those locations.

Business mobile plans from Vodafone offer masses of mobile data, with great coverage, as mentioned. Contact us to find out more about your business data options.