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Cat® S61 Smartphone

Get the Cat® S61 smartphone to make your work easier. With an integrated thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor, and laser assisted distance measurement, you can take on anything.


Cat® S61 Features


Battery Life

Improving your phone’s battery life is one less thing you need to worry about, thanks to the range of Cat rugged phones designed to let you be connected, even in remote locations, far away from electrical outlets.


Rugged and Tough

Drop-proof, dust proof and shockproof, Cat rugged smartphones are made to be tough, robust and durable. Our phones are built to Military Defence Specification.



Cat phones are specially designed to perform to high standards even in the wettest environments.


Drop Proof

All Cat phones are drop tested onto concrete from up to 1.8m (6ft) to prove their rugged credentials..


Indoor Quality Air Monitor

Measure temperature, humidity and the levels of indoor air pollutants in your environment.


Laser Assisted Distance Measure

Estimate-level accuracy up to 8 metres.


Quality Screens

Our Corning® Gorilla® Glass touchscreens are scratch-resistant and ultra-bright, which makes them easy to read in even bright, direct sunlight.


Dust Proof

Cat phones offer a range of smartphones and mobiles made to be dustproof, rugged and built to survive.

Thermal & Hygiene Capabilities

We use our exceptional expertise at strengthening and toughening mobile technology for the demands of extreme working conditions and hard-knocks of everyday life.

In a world where we expect to take our mobiles wherever we go; smartphones need to be waterproof, drop, dust and scratch proof as a bare minimum.

CAT Phones

With Cat phones, Bullitt harnessed that exceptioanl rugged-tech manufacturing experience with the world's premier construction brand to create unprecedented success and a global-category-leading product range in an over-populated and poorly differentiated market.

Highest Mobile Hygiene Resistance

Easy clean

Easy Clean Tough Phone

All ruggedised Cat Phones are waterproof and built to withstand chemicals, bleaches and detergents. Users can full submerge them regulary in soapy water and/or available sanitisers. They also don't need a case - so no additional unnecessary gaps to store dirt and germs.

Soap test

Built for those that must keep on working

Cat smartphones1 are:

  • Bleach wipe test with 3000 cycles
  • Sweat test at 8.8pH levels for 48 hours
  • Alcohol abrasion test by 500gf/ cm2 with 100 cycles
  • Real world chemical susceptibility test at 602 degree room temp at 95% humidity for 2 days
  • Do not need an additional case that can store germs

1 All Cat Smartphones S31, S41, S42 & S61
2 Real world chemical mix tests: Petrolatum/ Olive Oil/ Sun screen lotion

Invisible Disease

Infectios and communicable medical conditions, including Covid-19, are easily spread where people congregate. But it can be tough to identify people exhibiting symptoms that cannot be seen.

The Cat S61 smartphones are able to detect an individual with an elevated temperature in a mon-invasive manner and with minimal interruption to the flow of people in public spaces for example transport networks.

Invisible Disease

Cat S61 Pro-rugged Smartphones

Were originally designed for emergency services, first responders and industry. They are designed and manufactered to Military Specification 810G. They are built to withstand all circumstances:

  • IP69 and 1.8m drop proof for the products life.
  • Waterprrof down to 3 metres for up to 1 hour.
  • Thermal shock capability from -30c to +65c for 24 hours.
  • Humidity resistant and anti-corrosive tested with salt mist

Android based smartphones, they have all the associated benefits including the ability for real time data capture and transmission (including streaming of the thermal image being captured). They include a user configurable hard key which can be used to launch the thermal imaging functionality or could be used to operate a POC service (Push To Talk Over Cellular).

How does thermal work?

All physical things, including people, radiate infared energy which can be detected by a thermal camera. Different surface temperatures are visualised and represented as different colours on the phone display. The technology requires no natural or artifical light identify and does not require physical contact with the target to read temperature.

This makes it an ideal technology for initial triage screening of people as they pass by the thermal camera at a distance of one-two metres. Elevated skin temperature that could be the result of a fever, will show up clearly as a contrasting colour on the display.

  • Thermal range of up to 30m
  • Consistent tempatures screening range of up to 2m
  • Photo and video capability
  • Customisable temperature range monitoring
  • Screen switchable for glove-on usage
How does thermal work?

CAT® S61 Easy to use mass screening device

security 1

Open the MyFLIR app

Mount phone into monitoring location / tripod that will allow people to pass by at a maximum of 1.5m away facing the camera as straight on as possible.

security 2

Tap the calibrate icon

Tap the temperature gradient icon (fourth icon in from top left) so the visible temperature bar appears to the right of the screen.

security 3

Tap the top temperature value to edit and lock it

Enter 34°C or 93°F and tap the tick icon to confirm. Tap the lower temperature at the bottom of the chart to edit and lock it. Enter 32°C or 89°F and tap the tick icon to confirm.